Sky of the Heart Kirtan

if you’ve ever tried to meditate sitting with your eyes closed, you know how difficult it can be to quieten the mind. Chanting sacred mantras which are infused with divinity will very quickly connect you to the sweetest part of you and whether you choose to participate by singing along or tune into the feeling created by those chanting, you will begin to feel a sense of peace, a sense of joy, a feeling of deep love and a connection to the divinity within you, a divinity that connects us all to the source – pure consciousness.

Chanting the sacred mantras opens our hearts and minds and synchronises our very being to a much higher plane, on this plane, the phenomenon we call Shakti resides…Shakti can be experienced as a warm glow in our hearts and bodies, a feeling of well being, freedom and a connectedness to every sentient being.

Chanting is a non denominational practice and is open to everybody regardless of religion or personal beliefs. It’s an amazing way to find our inner self in a clear space of good feeling.

Blissful Meditations

Being a sensitive, empathetic and creative person can be a challenge in this fast paced and demanding life. We are pulled every which way and often neglect our inner selves, leaving us feeling depleted, disempowered and out of touch with our innate joy. Anakhya offers guided meditation sessions and digital recordings for health, self love, happiness, relationship, prosperity and sleep. These sessions can be tailor made through Skype or face to face or within a group. Classes will begin in November on the Mornington Peninsula.


Experience an immersion into blissful consciousness through a deep tailor made guided meditation followed by a fusion of Jin shin jyutsu and Reiki.

Spiritual Counselling

Anakhya is a trained Counselor and has worked for Lifeline as a telephone counselor and trainer. She is also a qualified and experienced behavioural scientist, helping people to become aware of their reactions and blocks so that they can at every moment chose their reactions, thus practising mindful self empowerment. Using her teachers’ technique of Self Inquiry, Anakhya leads one to connect to their inner selves where love, joy and bliss resides.

Learn to meditate for teens and young adults

Learn to meditate for teens and young adults. Never before have teenagers and young adults been under so much pressure to perform and excel. This pressure can cause anxiety, depression and a feeling of disconnect, where the person feels unable to express themselves, or be heard. Meditation is a powerful tool which enables us to be free of the self hatred, judgment and insecurities of our mind, allowing us to connect to our true nature, which is filled with inner bliss, power and happiness.

Anakhya chanting on beach